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Products Used

Only high quality non-toxic professional  face paints are used. The colors of these face paints are vibrant while the paint provides a smooth even finish. In addition, professional face paint just feels better on the skin!

Professional Face Paint Brands

  • Global Colors

  • Wolfe FX Hydrocolor Makeup

  • Paradise Makeup AQ

  • Kryolan Professional Makeup

  • TAG Makeup

  • Snazaroo Face Paints

  • Ruby Red Makeup

  • Silly Farm

  • Diamond FX

  • Tulip

  • Kryvaline

  • Mehron

  • Ben Nye

  • Fusion

Cosmetic Glitter

  • Mama Clown

  • AfterGlow

  • Chunky Cosmetic Glitter (Face Paint Forum Shop)

  • Amerikan Body Art

  • Mehron GlitterMark

  • Glimmer

  • Global FX

  • Glimmer Body Art

  • Pixie Paint

All cosmetics can on rare occasions cause allergic reactions. All products should not be applied to sensitive or broken skin.

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