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Why choose Julie's Face Painting?

1. Reliability

You are guaranteed I will arrive at your event. If for some unforeseen reason I cannot attend and do not give you 48 hours notice, I will face paint at your next event for no charge.

2. Satisfaction

I take pride in my work and intend for every customer to be completely satisfied. To this end, I keep up with the trends in face painting through practice, research, and updating my supplies.

Face painting has come a long way! The picture on the left is of one-stroke paint. This paint is great for fast, yet impressive snakes, rainbows and princess crowns. The picture on the right shows a rainbow cake. Generally a sponge is used to apply the paint in perfectly blended coverage. This paint is ideal for painting beautiful butterflies. You can expect to see an impressive variety of these types of paints in my kit!

3. Safety

As a mother myself, I understand how important it is to parents to trust that the products used on their children are safe for skin and won't spread germs. I do everything I can to keep my supplies clean. I also provide clean head bands for each child and sponges are only used once. Please contact me if you have any specific questions about my practices with regards to hygiene. 

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