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Custom-Made Piñatas

Take your celebrations to the next level with a custom made piñata! 
They can be made to open up with only a few hits, or be super strong for those that want a challenge. Purchase a prefilled piñata with candy/prizes or empty for you to fill. Please contact for prices.


Gem Clusters For Sale!

I now have a shop on Etsy where I sell my gem clusters. Check it out  at:


Glitter Tattoos

These tattoos are popular with all ages and easy to apply even for the wiggliest of customers! They are skin safe and semi-permanent. With over 50 designs to choose from and 35 different colors, everyone will get a glitter tattoo they love!

Chunky Glitter!

This new cosmetic glitter looks amazing as the final touch to many designs. The larger cut allows it to 'pop' more than regular glitter. I have different colors even including glow in the dark. It also comes in different shapes for any glitter enthusiast to pick from! 

Jewel Clusters!

These elegant jewel clusters take princess crown face painting to a whole new level. I make all of my jewel clusters from dimensional fabric paint and rhinestones. When dry, they retain flexibility allowing them to adhere to the face easily with body glue. I have hundreds of these jewel clusters, and no two are quite alike. 

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